Punk! [#588]

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Punk! [#588]

Pennywise will issue a collection of older songs written by their original bass player and chief songwriter, Jason Thirsk. Titled Yesterdays, it will feature lead single ‘Violence Never Ends’. Should be a very interesting listen.
Melbourne punk rockers Strawberry Fist Cake and Canadians Rehab for Quitters venture into Forteville for a MASSIVE show at the Music Man Megastore on Friday, June 13 to promote their brand new albums. How massive, you ask? Well, they’ll be joined by No Idea, Australian Kingswood Factory, the Revengers and Rabid Zulu! Yowsa! The bands then play IdiotFest at the Brunswick Hotel the very next day, alongside the likes of Foxtrot, Muscle Mary, Admiral Ackbar’s Dishonourable Discharge, Kmart Warriors, The Murderballs and Shadow League!
Tiger Army have started writing for their next record, which will tentatively be released next year.
Avril Lavigne, the self-appointed princess of punk rock (IKR, WTF?!), has become an even bigger twat than we’re used to. It seems you can buy meet and greet packages on her current US tour – only you can’t stand near her, even for a photo. Seriously? Die. What a waste of time and money. She should be grateful to have a career at all, ESPECIALLY after marrying that douche from Nickelback.
Speaking of total tools, Justin Bieber has been busted using the ‘N’ word in public, and it wasn’t in jest. Not that THAT would make it any better. But will there even be a backlash? Can pop twits like him get away with things like this? It certainly wouldn’t be tolerated in punk rock circles. Despite our reputations, we’re actually pretty decent people who wouldn’t stand for shit like this. Maybe we need to ban try-hard, manufactured pop twinks!
Cabin Fever, Hopes Abandoned, Bottlecaps and Postscript are teaming up for a corker of a show on Thursday, June 26 at The Rev (Reverence Hotel, Footscray). It’s not too far from Forte territory, so make the trip!
John Lydon of Sex Pistols fame was all set to star as King Herod in the travelling musical production Jesus Christ Superstar when the plug was (thankfully) pulled. Also set to star in the now-canned arena spectacular were JC Chasez (N*Sync), Brandon Boyd (Incubus) and Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child (one of the chicks that wasn’t Beyoncé). Oh my! I probably would have gone along for shits and giggles alone!
Queen, touring with American Idol alumnus Lambert? Conflicted. Could be awesome, could also be balls. Did they ever think to call on George Michael? Now THAT would have been magic!
And on THAT weird note, I’m OUTTA here for another issue – but I’ll be back before ya know it!
Written by Christopher Cruz