Punk! [#585]

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Punk! [#585]

Hi ya, kids! Ready to have your minds warped with a little punk rock? You’d better be, if you’re reading this!
The Fest (a rad punk/indie/alternative rock festival held in Gainesville, Florida, that goes for three days each Halloween) has announced its 2014 line-up, and it’s a doozy! The Descendents will headline, alongside Hot Water Music (who will be celebrating their 20-year anniversary as a band!), New Jersey melodic punk heroes Lifetime, Over It, Masked Intruder (who have a new album on the way!), Less Than Jake, Kepi Ghoulie (of the Groovie Ghoulies), The Menzingers, Mixtapes, Cheap Girls, Canadians The Flatliners and Chixdiggit, plus Strike Anywhere and an unprecedented Aussie contingent, with no less than three Melbourne bands being confirmed to be taking part: The Bennies, Anchors and The Smith Street Band. Crazy!
Devo have announced a US tour for this summer, their first outing since the untimely death of guitarist Bob Casale. The Hardcore Devo tour setlist will focus on the band’s earliest material.
Rumours surrounding Soundwave 2015 are already swirling, with Disturbed, Dream Theater, Social Distortion, Papa Roach, Lacuna Coil and Marilyn Manson mentioned as possibilities.
Melbourne rock/pop/alternative/grunge rockers Kill TV have served up an impressive debut single in ‘Never Gonna Change’. It has a distinctly ’90s flavour, and I mean that in the best possible way. It brings to mind bands like Magic Dirt (especially with the strong Australian accent on the vocals) and The Breeders. Pretty essential listening – go see ’em live, too. Local original bands just aren’t getting the support they need these days to keep going.
There’s now a petition on Facebook by Australian fans desperate for Rancid to tour. Not exactly sure why they won’t tour here – surely it’s not still the whole Brody Dalle thing? Seriously, get over it. And stop keeping the whole dang country accountable.
So Nirvana DID end up playing at their Hall of Fame induction, AND played an invitation-only show to 300 guests at a club afterwards. Amongst the guest vocalists chosen to take part – Joan Jett and Lorde. Interesting to see if anything comes of it, even if only a DVD of the show…
Okay, we all know that there are some ridiculous band names out there (probably because I keep pointing them out!) but I just came across another stupid one that I just couldn’t keep to myself. Are you ready? Get this: EMPIRE! EMPIRE! I WAS A LONELY ESTATE. Seriously?! That is all one name. What does it even mean?! FML.
And on that extremely lame note, I’m OUTTA HERE for another issue. See ya, kiddies!
Written by Chris Cruz