Punk! [#579]

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Punk! [#579]

Lead guitarist Greg Hetson has parted ways with Bad Religion for personal reasons. Filling in from this point on is John Dimkich from The Cult – interesting choice; let’s see how it pans out!
Local alt-rock heroes ODD have a huge one coming up at the Barwon Club this Friday night (February 7th, to be exact!) with headliners SONS OF STEREO and hardcore punks HOPES ABANDONED opening. This will be Hopes Abandoned’s first show in Forte territory in almost two years. Get there early, it’s gonna be a doozy!
So the next instalment of Hits & Pits has already been announced, and it looks to be another homerun. Strung Out, Face to Face, The Casualties, Ten Foot Pole, Death By Stereo, Big D And The Kids Table, Masked Intruder and Heartsounds have been announced so far, with a few surprises still to be confirmed. Saturday, May 17 is when it goes down at the Hi-Fi Bar in Melbourne.
OFF! have a new record on the way! It’s called Wasted Years, and it drops on the 8th of April. Woot!
Yeah, so Soundwave is almost upon us – big whoop. I’d rather go see Shannon Noll at the Gateway Hotel that night. I’m not even kidding. At least he isn’t rocking a fringe, neck tatts and lip ring like a poser ass bitch. Yeah, I went there.
The third annual Up The Punx! festival will be taking place in both Melbourne and Hobart this June. Stay tuned for venue, line-up and date details. From the whispers I’ve heard so far, it sounds like it’s gonna be a whopper!
Ugh. Wasted several hours of my life watching the Grammy Awards on Foxtel the other night, and let me just say this – I want my time and brain cells back. Awful performances, terrible nominees and even worse winners, and not a rocking moment to be seen anywhere. For shame, music industry. For shame.
By the way, Billie Joe Armstrong, it’s called a mirror. Learn about it. We sometimes look at ourselves in them before leaving the house or backstage dressing room to make sure we don’t look like a total douche. Unless that’s the look you were going for with that hairdo of yours. If so, bravo! You totally pulled it off. Ugh. Also, your performance of ‘When Will I Be Loved’ with what’s-her-name came off like a half-arsed rehearsal. See what I did there? I didn’t even bother to Google search for her name. That’s how much I care for their drivel. Which is not at all.
Two heatwaves down, and probably a whole bunch more to come before this long, dry summer is over. So make sure you got plenty of ice in the freezer so you got rocks to pour your booze over!
Until next time, I am OUTTA here for another issue.
Written by Chris Cruz