Puffing Billy’s century old tradition of passengers riding with their legs out of carriages finally returns

Puffing Billy’s century old tradition of passengers riding with their legs out of carriages finally returns

Image via Puffing Billy Railway socials.

Four years later, the tradition of sitting on the stills makes its long awaited return.

Australia boasts some truly unforgettable trips and one of Melbourne’s best-loved attractions, Puffing Billy.

This three-hour steam train ride through Victoria’s Dandenong Ranges is filled with old-world charm and for years it was renowned for the beloved tradition of sticking your ankles out the windows of the historic train as it chugged through the forest, rolling hills and open farmland.

Following a ban placed on the time-honoured tradition back in 2018, Puffing Billy Railway has finally re-commenced letting passengers sitting on the sills with legs out from Friday, February 4 2022.

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“It’s been a labour of love for our team, partners, and supporters, and we are absolutely delighted to be able to offer the iconic sitting on the sills experience to adults and children aged from four to thirteen once again,” said Peter Abbott, CEO of Puffing Billy Railway.

“Nothing beats the ride through the towering forests, around bends, over bridges and streams, waving at passers-by, all the while sitting on the carriage sill as Puffing Billy steams gently along the tracks.”

The ban on the tradition came four years ago after a minibus travelling east along School Road in Menzies Creek collided with the train. The bus clipped the side of the train and derailed one of the carriages. One of the 16 passengers travelling on the tour bus was injured in the crash and taken to hospital. Passengers on the train escaped injury.

This was the first time the practice of dangling limbs from the train’s cars since it began running in the early 1900s.

Now with the tradition firmly back in place, if you haven’t ridden Melbourne’s best-loved attraction now might be the perfect time to do so.

For those seeking to add further enjoyment to their experience, lunch can be ordered from the new state-of-the-art Lakeside Visitor Centre café menu, where guests can dine in prior to departure, or fill their picnic baskets with tasty treats to enjoy on the journey, making the experience one that satisfies the ears, eyes, and tastebuds.

Sitting on the Sills trains run from Belgrave to Lakeside. Children Sitting on the Sills must be under adult supervision (one adult per two children) at all times.

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