Pub Werewolf Trivia

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Pub Werewolf Trivia

There’s a new trivia game hitting saint Regis Food and Wine Bar and we thought it’d be great to get them on board for our trivia this issue. If you like what you see, you can play the game for real tonight (Thursday, July 9) at 6pm.

1. Where do we get the word “werewolf”?
2. What’s the fancy, pseudo-scientific term for the condition of being a werewolf?
3. Ancient Greek myth says King Lycaon was turned into the first werewolf as a punishment by Zeus. Why?
4. In Buffy, when did the show first encounter werewolves? Who was the source of lycanthropy?
5. Bonus question: name the better-known warriors who wore bearskins instead of wolfskins.
6. Aside from being bitten, how did people believe you could become a werewolf?
7. Name some of the potential signs of a werewolf.
8. Which real-world disease might have been mistaken for lycanthropy?
9. Which continents have legends of werewolves?
10. Werewolves have influenced the Academy Awards. How?
11. What big-budget movie riffed so closely on World of Darkness themes and plots that White Wolf, publishers of the World of Darkness games, sued its producers and won an undisclosed settlement?
12. What other game about werewolves has recently taken off?
13. When and where can you try Werewolf?
6:00 pm, Thursday July 9 and August 13, Saint Regis Food & Wine Bar, 35 Waurn Ponds Drive. Check for details.

1. From Old English – wer originally meant “man”.
2. Lycanthropy (lie CAN throp ee) – from Ancient Greek lycos (wolf) and anthropos (human).
3. He served Zeus a meal containing human flesh to test Zeus’s omniscience, and Zeus caught him. (Though if Zeus was so omniscient one wonders why he couldn’t have cursed Lycaon before he killed and cooked someone.)
4. In the 1998 episode “Phases”. Oz was the first on-screen werewolf, but Oz’s baby cousin Jordy was the source.
5. Berserkers – from ber (bear) serk (shirt).
6. Being born one, wearing a wolfskin (or even just a wolfskin belt), being cursed, drinking rainwater from a werewolf’s pawprint, or being mistreated as a young child.
7. Strangely long index fingers, hairy palms, anger management issues, low-set ears, a monobrow, water aversion, poor vision, over-sensitive sense of smell, dry tongue, nighttime walkabouts. Also growing fur and fangs and trying to eat people, but those are more definite than potential.
8. Hypertrichosis, which produces excessive hair growth. There’s also a rare psychiatric condition called “clinical lycanthropy” where people believe they are turning, have turned, or can turn into an animal.
9. Werewolf mythology is found pretty much everywhere wolves are. European (especially Greek, Germanic, Scandinavian, and Slavic) and to a lesser extent North and Central American folklore feature legends of people turning into wolves or wolf-like creatures.
10. A new category, Outstanding Achievement in Makeup, was created specifically for the 1981 film An American Werewolf in London.
11. Underworld.
12. A social mystery/deduction game about working out who in the group is on a hidden team (the Werewolves), simply called Werewolf.