Pub Choir

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Pub Choir

Pub Choir makes magic out of bloody average voices. Just ask our close personal friends, Mariah (Carey) or Kate (Bush). We’ll never kick you out of Pub Choir for singing terribly, it’s not that sort of choir! Instead, you’ll laugh, joke, and possibly slurp your way to choral glory as you learn one song in 3-part harmony with hundreds of happy strangers.

This November, Pub Choir is heading around the nation for our UNCLENCHED tour. Be it fists, jaws, minds, or butts, we want you to let the tension go for a night. Led by the human firecracker, Astrid Jorgensen, you’ll be transformed from a regular punter into a musical legend, just by turning up and participating in the show. Grab a ticket, bring your most solid (or liquid) mates, and we’ll do the rest.