Psychic Medium Isabella Gentilin

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Psychic Medium Isabella Gentilin

Raised as a creative child, it’s that connection to creativity that enabled Isabella Gentilin to interact with Spirit. We had a chat to the psychic medium ahead of her Geelong show at the Carlton.
Hi Isabella, thanks so much for taking the time to chat to Forte, what are you up to at the moment?
You’re welcome. I’m currently working on a couple of books, organising psychic events and some workshops. This is all in between raising three children!
An accomplished author and psychic medium, could you please tell us a little about your talents and how you came to possess them?
I have been writing, drawing and creating ever since I can remember. I think through being allowed to entertain imagination as a child – and through unconditional support – I am able to connect with Spirit to receive messages and to help people heal. The books are also another way people can enable themselves to connect with their own Higher Self and really live a life of their dreams. I believe everyone has the power to heal and communicate with Spirit, although society has placed rules, as such, where now it is almost feared if it isn’t seen, or cannot be proven in any scientific way. This is unfortunate, as when one is creatively connected – whether it be through artwork, cooking, writing, or speaking directly with Spirit (including Angels and loved ones) – they are able to really articulate what they want from life, find their purpose and decrease the sense of separateness.
You have an event coming up at The Carlton Hotel, are you familiar to the Geelong region?
I am not a local of the Geelong region, in saying that, my family and I often take day trips to Geelong as we love it so much. I love the area, the beaches, the atmosphere and feel almost ‘pulled’ to Geelong. I have also had a huge interest of people from Geelong, so I believe this is where I am meant to be at the moment.
What can people expect when they attend your event?
People can expect to be guided by Spirit. They can also expect to be connected with loved ones who have passed and receive messages from them. It really is about coming with an open mind and an open heart to receive. I hope to create a sacred space for all those attending and for each participant to leave feeling empowered and happy. Each event is different; each beautiful in its own right.
What is some of the best advise you could give to those who are in search of Spirit?
Open your heart. Open your mind. Leave doubt and fear at the door and walk in knowing that you are always guided, always watched and always safe. No path is a bad path, just allow yourself to be open to beauty and miracles each and every day.
Who would you recommend attending your event and why?
Anybody who is interested in connecting with loved ones who have passed and anyone who is needing some support at the moment. The messages are not only for those who have lost someone, but also for those who are searching for light in their life. Anyone who is wanting closure or direction or confirmation. And, for anyone who may be curious.
Have you got anything else you would like to share with us?
I am constantly updating my Facebook page at Isabella Gentilin Author, and my website and would love to connect with people daily. I love to write inspired quotes and gratitude posts as well as any messages which may be coming through. On occasion I also run a competition for a mini reading (either Tarot or Angel oracle) and people can purchase a copy of my books through either the website, by personal message, through the publishers or at any of my events. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their ongoing support. Be blessed.
When & Where: Carlton Hotel, Geelong – May 21