PSA: You can now buy this Guinness World Record Winning Vanilla Slice in Geelong 

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PSA: You can now buy this Guinness World Record Winning Vanilla Slice in Geelong 

It seems like an understatement, but treat yo'self!

Renowned as the bakery champion, a no-brainer purchase alongside your meat pie, the humble vanilla slice has long been an Aussie icon – and for excellent reason.

Originating from the French dessert the Mille-Feuille, a layered pastry and custard creation, Aussies have put their spin on the treat, removing the pastry in the middle and making more way for extra custard and sugar icing on top. Classic Australians. 

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If you’re a fan of the custard slab, it’s possible you’ve heard of The Flinders Vanilla Slice Cafe – previously known as the Flinders Fish ‘N Chip shop – in Cheltenham. Located in Melbourne, this little spot has the very prestigious honour of holding the Guinness World Record for the largest vanilla slice. Yes, that is a thing and it is glorious.

Weighing in at 508.11kg, this mega-sized slab of rich custard with an incredible flaked pastry and indulgent sugar icing is a sight to behold and you can bet it’s bloody delicious.

Described as the ‘Snot Block Skyscraper’, this baby has garnered a legion of fans over the years, with people travelling near and far to get a piece of the delicious action.

If this sounds like something you’d like to get in on, we’ve got some good news Geelong – you can now buy it from a stockist right in the middle of the CBD at the new Convenience Store, located at 214 Ryrie Street (previously Panache).

Saving locals the hassle of travelling to the other side of the bay, this is definitely a welcomed addition to the region if we don’t say so ourselves.

Wielding one of the biggest hidden gems in the vanilla slice community, this custard slab is a serious undertaking, and it’s got the trophy to prove it.

Last we heard, they were down to their last few with more to arrive very soon! Enjoy!

Find it at 214 Ryrie Street, Geelong.