Producer and session musician Zac Robertson delivers velvety RnB-pop gem ‘Slowly’

Producer and session musician Zac Robertson delivers velvety RnB-pop gem ‘Slowly’

Photo by Zara Burgess

Body-moving music for the heart and soul.

Delivering a well-produced, RnB-infused slow jam, ‘Slowly’ is the newest track from Melbourne-based musician Zac Robertson.

The follow up to his debut single ‘Closer’ and second single from his forthcoming debut album, ‘Slowly’ is a soulful, well-produced, laid-back track that sees Robertson expand his signature sonic palette. Through added depth and complexity to his anthemic grooves, Robertson skills for songwriting and production are placed front and centre.

With nods to the likes of D’Angelo, Tom Misch and The Internet, the pop, soul, jazz and RnB influences surge and flourish throughout the track, combining lush mid-tempo production, floating guitars, silk harmonies and swirls on synth with Will Clift’s smooth, honeyed vocals.

Topped with fleeting summer vibes, sensual grooves and soulful tones, the track stands as a cheeky exploration of love lives and longing, spawned from Robertson’s desire to write dreamy RnB melodies, stepping away from his darker jazz influences.

“It was pretty much a response to hearing Tom Misch for the first time. I hadn’t heard pop/soul music with the guitar playing such a prominent role, almost like keys or synth part,” Robertson explains.

“Putting the track together then came pretty easy. The guitar riff was the initial idea, which is also played on keys in the final mix, followed by drums and bass, then all there was to do was add some sparkles and the cherry on top which was Will; and yes this song has been finished for two years now… I’m still learning how effectively release my music.”

Having honed his sound as a session guitarist, songwriter and producer for the likes of JAYDEAN, Dandecat, Rya Park and ALLIPHA, as well as sharing festival stages with acts like Bootleg Rascal, Billy Davis and Motorace, ‘Slowly’ is a bright and stunning glimpse into Robertson’s hopeful new chapter as a solo artist, quashing any notion that successful artists need to have their voice at the fore.

“Being a guitarist and producer primarily is not the usual ‘artist’ image, but after seeing people like Tom Misch and even local artist ‘Billy Davis’, it showed me that you don’t need to be the singer to be an artist,” Robertson says, reflecting on his decision to go solo.

“I sang for a long time before moving to Melbourne, only to find how good other people are, so I’m happy to take a backseat if it serves the song,” he adds. “So, I majored in songwriting at Uni and the plan was always to make a collaboration album with artists I love, and now that it’s done, I’m super excited to share it with everyone soon.”

Having already teamed up with internationally-acclaimed producer Jade Kerber, and vocalists’ Will Clift for ‘Slowly’ and Ash Kennedy on ‘Closer’, it’s apparent that Robertson is adept at getting the best out of his collaborators. Signalling high hopes for his forthcoming ten track solo album Polar Opposite, we’re expecting a winning recipe of R&B grooves, pop elements, lush harmonies and a spoonful of jazz.

While there’s no word on an album release date just yet, Zac Robertson has surely delivered body-moving music for the heart and soul with ‘Slowly’, ideal for spinning on repeat.

Listen to ‘Slowly’ below.

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