Pretty City: Colorize

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Pretty City: Colorize

Pretty City’s debut album Colorize is a statement of their existence. With the album consisting of their already released singles such as ‘Melt’, ‘Running Around’ and ‘Mary Go Round’, it starts off as a walk on familiar territory – no harm taken in reminding us of their greatness (in case it was forgotten).

The rest of the album does not disappoint either with tracks like ‘Part of Your Crowd’, ‘Feel the Colour’ and ‘Leave It Alone’ giving off a ‘90s rock/grunge band vibe mixed with more modern sounds reminding of Tame Impala’s psych­rock – really making you miss the days of tattoo-chokers, awkward cut jeans and chain­wallets. Still I don’t feel like it’s fair to them or to their music to lock it into a box. The tracks on the album are very versatile and the album as a whole really cannot be categorised into one sub­genre, and in this case this is actually a good thing. They have brought a lot of different elements together in a very interesting and original way, which is probably the reason they have made it so big in such short time. Make sure you check out Pretty City’s music if you haven’t already done so, it is definitely worth your time!

Reviewed by Nilo Danai