Prepare to hit the ice, a boozy curling rink has just popped up in Melbourne

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Prepare to hit the ice, a boozy curling rink has just popped up in Melbourne

Time to slide your way to glory.

Looking to amp up your nights in winter? Well say hello to the wondrous art of curling.

An actual Olympic sport, curling takes a game of lawn bowls and throws it on the ice, combining strategy and skill as players attempt to slide eight 20kg granite ‘stones’ closest to the ‘centrehouse’.

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Arriving in Melbourne this month, ‘Sliders Curling’ is the newest boozy adventure you need to suss out. Located at Melbourne’s brand new power-house games venue Ballers Clubhouse, the winter-sports pop-up promises a retro take on the famous winter sport of ice curling.

There will be four curling lanes to accommodate eight people each across one-hour booking slots, where you will slide ‘stones’ towards circular scoring zones at the opposing end of the lane, and nomiate ‘sweepers’ to help influence where the stones go, as well as relax on a winter cabana.

To help you get your curl on, there will of course be a whole lot of booze involved, thanks to the good people over at Jagermeister who is here to keep you cosy by the icy lanes. There’s also 72 taps of beer and a custom winter cocktail menu, alongside a mouth-watering food menu (wait till you try the Bang Bang Shrimp Sliders… yes we know… confusing but perfect).

Expect plenty of neon and a live DJ too, and once you’ve conquered the competition settle down with a boozy hot chocolate or mulled wine and watch the rest of the teams battle it out.

You can book in your lanes for the limited-run curling season at Baller’s Clubhouse between dates during July and August here.