Prepare to get steamy, there are two new hot springs and spa destinations opening in Victoria

Prepare to get steamy, there are two new hot springs and spa destinations opening in Victoria

Alba Thermal Springs and Spa

These two new destinations have us bubbling with excitement.

There’s nothing quite as luxe and relaxing as soaking in blissful hot water amongst some of the most stunning views. For centuries, these mineral-rich waters (AKA hot springs) have either gathered naturally into pools or have been channelled into man-made spas, both options providing therapeutic and medicinal benefits—and some good old-fashioned relaxation.

While we’re blessed with a number of hot and mineral spring havens in Victoria, we’re about to score two more – Alba in Mornington Peninsula and Phillip Island Hot Springs project in Phillip Island.

First, let’s talk about Alba, a thermal springs and spa destination in the heart of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

Located in a region that is fast becoming the ideal location to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Alba Thermal Springs is set to offer a contemporary experience like no other in Australia. With plans to open doors next year, the bathing will be just aspect, with Alba leaning on the geothermal springs in the region to create stunning pools for guests to truly indulge in, with some available to be booked privately.

Indicating their intention to create a new world-class thermal spring and spa destination, you’ll of course find exclusive spa, health and wellness treatments alongside the thermal springs that will have even the most stressed feeling nourished.

Construction is already underway, with architecture practice Hayball leading the way forward in progressive urban design. Alba Thermal Springs is located in Fingal and expected to open in 2022.

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As we love a good hidden oasis, the news of the Phillip Island Hot Springs Project was music to our ears.

Set to open in February 2022 in Newhaven, the hot springs will comprise over 45 bathing pools of varying sizes from small ankle-deep podiatry wading areas through to relaxation pools able to sit 10 people, day spas, treatment rooms and facilities and a restaurant (The Cape Kitchen), all within a stunning landscaped setting.

With the intention to provide a substantial boost to the local economy, this $10 million project is premised on a vision to promote relaxation, health and wellness within a spectacular coastal environment.

To begin with, ten bathing pools will open up, powered by a 900-metre bore, which will extract 20 megalitres of groundwater to supply the pools with 38C aquifer mineral-rich water from under the 130-acre property.

According to brand manager Tom Lade, further stages of the project – to be rolled out in later years – will include up to 30 more bathing pools, treatment rooms for massages and varying wellness treatments.

“There’s no timeline for the following stages. We’ll gauge feedback from stage one and then lock in further development over the next five to 10 years,” Lade says.

He also reveals that up to 500 people are expected to visit the site, because who doesn’t love a hot tub?

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