Prepare to be inspired by the new kids on the block, The Passion to Profession Podcast

Prepare to be inspired by the new kids on the block, The Passion to Profession Podcast

Words by Mackenzie Pennycook

Dreaming of leaving your 9-5 and pursuing your passions? The newest podcast spearheaded by Lee ‘Stampsy’ Stamps and Jayde Heywood is the perfect pod for you.

The Passion to Profession podcast is the newest podcast by Lee ‘Stampsy’ Stamps and Jayde Heywood and it’s showcasing the stories and individuals behind a multitude of successful businesses and brands.

Stampsy and Jayde are specifically honing in on the businesses that are built off the back of a genuine passion and love for what the business owners do.

Passion to Profession is a deep dive into how people have taken what they love and turned their passion projects into their full-time careers. Shining a light on the individuals who have taken a leap of faith to follow their dreams – and how they turned it into their incredibly successful businesses – the podcast aims to entertain, educate and ultimately inspire its listeners by showing off businesses initially fuelled by genuine love and passion.

If you’ve been dreaming of leaving your 9-5 job to start a more creative career, or you’re considering a big career switch, this podcast might just be made for you.

The exploration of individuals passions as a means to inspire others is the goal for Stampsy and Jayde. With guests spanning a number of industries and professions, there is set to be something for everyone to indulge in. The first season of the podcast sees Stampsy and Jayde chat with a number of powerhouses and business owners in the money, art, wellness, spirituality and food industries.

With the podcast built on a solid foundation of six years of a blossoming working relationship and also a strong friendship between Stampsy and Jayde, the conversations flow with an ease that is hard to come by in the wide world of podcasting.

Both hosts have impressive repertoires in their own right, boasting incredibly successful careers spanning a number of years.

Lee ‘Stampsy’ Stamps has a whopping 17 years’ experience in the commercial radio industry, making her no stranger to being behind the microphone. She has interviewed some of the biggest names internationally and locally in music, television and film.

The last six years have seen her co-host the Drive Show on K Rock Geelong, and while she’s about to commence a new role with ARN’s iHeartRadio, her persistent enthusiasm for new ideas and ventures has never been far away during her extensive and incredibly successful career.

Stampsy has shared how the Passion to Profession podcast is changing her own life, while also inspiring her audience, saying: “This projects growing me as a person and as a boss lady, as much as we deliver you the motivation and inspiration to take that passion idea/project and make it a full-time reality.”

Jayde Heywood, who also hosts the podcast, has an equally impressive career. Being a business owner herself for four years, Jayde launched her own events and marketing business at 23, and in recent years, has taken her passion for interior design to the next step with the launch her latest business venture ‘Twice the Charm’.

As a business owner herself, Jayde has a genuine interest in seeing the “little people” start and run successful businesses as well as having fulfilling lives. Her passion for wanting success for herself and others is her driving force behind creating the Passion to Profession Podcast.

“I feel it is important to tell the stories of people that have started in one career and completely changed careers to follow their dreams because it is completely achievable. You are not trapped, and your opportunities are endless,” she says.

The episodes are always graced with a number of successful business owners. The most recent instalment of the podcast has the hosts chatting with Geelong/Torquay local Jenna Hutchinson aka Love Ludie.

Jenna is a successful self-described, self-taught artist in the region, the episode dives deeper into the success of Jenna and of Love Ludie, which is an extensive business for the young entrepreneur.

Love Ludie includes a range of artworks, candles and art workshops. The episode focuses on Jenna’s impressive career and accolades, and how she believes her success came from the love and passion she puts into her works.

Some other voices of the podcast include The Millennial Crisis’ Demi Kotsoris; Women’s Health and Fitness Coach Sharelle Grant and Australia’s First Full Time Instagrammer Lauren Bath.

The podcast is gearing up for a huge first season, and if the first four guests are anything to go by the podcast is set to continue to be a driving force in the education and inspiration for potential business owners and passionate individuals everywhere.

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