PREMIERE: Steven Reinhardt releases kaleidoscopic new single ‘Down To Earth’

PREMIERE: Steven Reinhardt releases kaleidoscopic new single ‘Down To Earth’

The Melbourne music chameleon has dropped his third single and it's entirely infectious.

Melbourne bedroom pop producer Steven Reinhardt has today delivered a seriously delicious, kaleidoscopic track with the third single from his tantalizing buffet solo effort, ‘Down To Earth’.

The track, recorded in the bedroom of his parents home “one balmy afternoon in January 2019”, sees Reinhardt sink into a pillow pop cloud of sound. What started as mindless tampering of an OP-1 Synth quickly evolved into a colourful concoction when Reinhardt enlisted Lawson Kennard (bass) and Conor Anderson-Vague (drums) as session musicians to heighten his layers of airy acoustic guitar, whimsical piano and playful programmed drum beats, immersing us deep into an eclectic pool of layered textural arrangements

Post-recording at Highway 9 Studios with Sean O’Sullivan, the glorious section of brass was added, with Tom Edwards on sax and Aryo Hall taking the trombone. It wouldn’t be a real bop without the inclusion of just enough cowbell.

Accompanying the bright cellophane-wrapped exterior, the dreamy ‘Down To Earth’ has a gooey lyrical love lust centre.

“It’s about wanting attention and validation. The lyrics mostly tell a story about someone pursuing a girl, which was first-hand experience for me at the time of writing the song. I had just come out of a four year relationship and was dating people on dating apps and it was just awkward and messy for the first few. I’m better at it now,” Reinhardt laughs.

‘Down To Earth’ is the third single release from Reinhardt’s upcoming EP Soft Serve. Following ‘Honey Bee’ and ‘Some Kind of Love’, Soft Serve offers a burst of dopamine, consisting of short and sweet tracks from a pastel pink palette of uplifting and colourful love songs, and all things cheesy, to give listeners a quick fix sugar high.

Reinhardt is exciting, dreamlike, and unexpected, and you just can’t help but love it.

‘Down To Earth’ is out now.

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