PREMIERE: Mo•Louie lets loose with her addictive new single ‘Iso Iso Iso Bored’

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PREMIERE: Mo•Louie lets loose with her addictive new single ‘Iso Iso Iso Bored’

Words by Jessica Magtalas.

Electrifying and heart-pumping.

A homage to her batshit craziness Mo•Louie’s single ‘Iso Iso Iso Bored’ celebrates her first ever fully produced song, out Thursday, October 15.

Right from the get-go we feel the frustration and restlessness that COVID-Australia restrictions have thrown us into. A delusional yet thrilling song to release stress and dance along to.

With the pandemic being tough for many, many artists including Mo•Louie have used this time in solitude to write and produce.

The obscure dance track solely produced, engineered and mixed by herself and mastered by Aphir is a piece inspired by one slowly losing their mind while being restricted to their home.

“I was in a place of acceptance when I realised that right now, we are in a world that is completely fucked. I thought I would embrace the fuckery of it all – including me slowly losing my mind. While I was in that state, I decided to write this song, while drinking, in my pyjamas and high heels,” says Mo•Louie.


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‘Iso Iso Iso Bored’ out Thurs 15.10.20 🎂🎉🍰

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With electrifying sounds mixed with rich energetic downbeats, Mo•Louie interprets the aura of COVID-19 and the feeling of isolation alongside repetitive vocal melodies, more closely linked to dialogue.

A music production student at Collarts, ‘Iso Iso Iso Bored’ marks her first ever song produced by herself, describing her nervousness but excitement for the release.

“[It’s] a terrifying feeling. The song is full of wonderful imperfections. I know I have a lot more to learn about production and mix engineering but I am really proud of how hard I’ve worked and where I’m at now, so I wanted to timestamp where I’m at as a producer by releasing a mixtape, because “mixtape” make it sound less scary,” she explains.

The upcoming release follows Mo•Louie’s debut EP ‘Firebrick’, which was celebrated by AAA Backstage as ‘a collection of genre-agnostic soul excellence’ and was launched as part of Melbourne Music Week.

From performing at Peel Street Festival and Midsumma Festival 2020, Mo•Louie is looking forward to what’s next in line. Getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, ‘Iso Iso Iso Bored’ has allowed her to experiment with sounds and be proud of her works.

Exciting, intoxicating and all out relatable, Mo•Louie is putting our thoughts into music.

Check out ‘Iso Iso Iso Bored’ below