PREMIERE: Melbourne's Séb Mont reveals debut single ‘Battleground’

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PREMIERE: Melbourne's Séb Mont reveals debut single ‘Battleground’

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Séb Mont has premiered his debut release ‘Battleground’ ahead of its official release this Thursday (August 16).
‘Battleground’ is an up-tempo melodic-pop-anthem, featuring electronic production cadences with vocal accents similar to Halsey. A fierce track fueled with emotion, ‘Battleground’ is an profound reflection of the way we as human beings destroy ourselves just to feel alive… It’s a timely reminder of the somewhat torturous circumstances we go through.
“One of the phrases in the line of the first verse is ‘my body is like a diamond mine, we blow it up with dynamite, we do it just to feel alive’ – this is saying that we put ourselves through so much, we basically kill our bodies just to feel alive, so in a way our body is a battle ground,” Mont explains of the single. “Not only do we treat out bodies like that ourselves, but we also have other people attacking us, online and in life. It kind of has a few meanings, yes, we do kill ourselves to feel alive, and to not let people kill ourselves.”
The drive and emotion of this track is as fierce and moving as the heavy percussion, which is also accurately reflected through the fast-paced choreography of the accompanying music video. Directed and edited by James Plant, the video follows the same dramatic and torturous theme of the single, taking inspiration from the 1982 action film Blade Runner and depicting a similar dystopian, retro future vibe.
“The thing that really caught me and helped me hone in what I really wanted to do with this project was actually watching The Blade Runner. I really wanted to create like a cinematic dark pop/ futuristic/ 80’s project, so there’s a few things in there. But I really wanted to create something that’s nostalgic and futuristic at the same time, almost quite minimal,” Mont explains.
Premiering exclusively through Forte below, the video for the commanding track is a combination of Mont’s blood, sweat and tears. It’s dark, brooding and mysterious, but Mont creates a majesty to it.
Check it out below.

A regular to the stage in Melbourne, Mont has built a solid reputation in the music scene, having previously performed alongside the likes of Dan Sultan, Ella Hooper, Taylor Piggott and Clairy Browne.
If his debut release is anything to go by, Séb Mont is one to watch propel into the spotlight.
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