Grammy-winning producer’s protégé Alexandra reckons with dissolution in breathtaking debut ‘Eulogy’

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Grammy-winning producer’s protégé Alexandra reckons with dissolution in breathtaking debut ‘Eulogy’

‘Eulogy’ offers a raw, emotional, and distinctive lens into the Sydney R&B/rock artist’s vulnerable inner sanctum, cementing herself as a world-class solo artist. 

Radiating with intimacy and soul-stirring passion, Sydney-born Alexandra’s new single ‘Eulogy’ is a stunning work of vulnerable depth and connection as the undeniably talented artist, songwriter and vocal producer steps into the spotlight. 

The musical moniker for Hannah Lawton, Alexandra is an artist that demands to be listened to. Signing to Grammy-winning producer Illmind in 2021, she has positioned herself as a resoundingly talented artist, a distinguished songwriter and a respected vocal producer, collaborating with industry giants including Russ (‘Never Again’), Illmind, Boi-1da, DJ Dahi and Rance1500, to name a few. 

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Earning a solid reputation for her impressively agile vocal runs that resemble some of music’s greatest vocalists, and her metamorphous voice that can mutate into sounding like any genre from any era, ‘Eulogy’ elevates the artist to even greater heights, soaring with atmospheric and haunting soundscapes, heartfelt lyrics and graceful, sweeping melodies that calls to mind Billie Eilish, Halsey, Ariana Grande and more.

From the vibrant rock instrumentation of Queen to the swirling, cinematic sounds of Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer and the smooth R&B vocal tone and agility of Beyoncé and Ariana Grande, ‘Eulogy’ recalls any number of musical greats in its humble near-five-minute run. 

Revealing Alexandra’s raw talents as a songwriter, ‘Eulogy’ addresses dark, uncomfortable and painfully confronting introspection in the most cinematic of fashions. 

The cinematic near five-minute track begins with a haunting entrance, giving off a timeless, magical aura. Armed with a cheeky yet haunting violin pizzicato, eerie synth, glam rock-eqsue guitars (courtesy of the incomparable Ian Lewis) and cavernous ethereal soundscape, Alexandra emotes with hypnotic melodies, conjuring a poignant dream-like trance with her stunning, transportive voice and engrossing lyricism: 

Time heals all wounds; 
So I know you won’t miss me too much;
In a year or two, even a week or two; 
In the end I wasn’t someone easy to love. 

The aching chorus is heartfelt and mesmerizing as it is utterly gut-wrenching.

Write me a eulogy, so I can see what I meant to you;
Write me a eulogy before you bury me so I can see the good;
The good, the good, the good. 

Rising and falling organically, the track is filled with sonic wonder and poetic introspection, centering on one’s disillusionment with life during a very depressing and tricky time in history, spawned from Alexandra’s own experiences which first led her to take refuge in music and song-writing. 

Produced by long-time friend Danielle Huen, ‘Eulogy’ moves with confidence and patience, with Alexandra’s other-worldly voice gliding over the instruments with such ease and an unmistakable vibrato. Alexandra proves herself a standalone talent with this vulnerable, musically lush track, filled with emotional turbulence and existential searching: ‘Eulogy’ is, in a word, breathtaking. 


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Raw, achingly intimate, and brooding in the best of ways, ‘Eulogy’ is an enchanting journey that takes us to faraway places, without ever moving us an inch. It’s an enviable and praiseworthy reintroduction to Alexandra, who has re-emerged with her own beautiful, multifaceted artistry in full bloom.

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