PREMIERE: Electro-pop looping wunderkind Tanya George reveals poignant video for ‘My Hymn’

PREMIERE: Electro-pop looping wunderkind Tanya George reveals poignant video for ‘My Hymn’

Delivering all the feels, live-looping wunderkind Tanya George has just revealed the second taste of her upcoming EP ‘Normality’.

Renowned for creating vocal compositions that captivate audiences instantly, Tanya has once again showcased the beauty of building a wall of song through the use of looping and a five-octave range, incorporating elements of soul, indie and pop in her monumentally unique way.

Championed by penetrating, soulful vocal tones that are nothing short of exceptional and her unique vocal looping techniques, ‘My Hymm’ is sprinkled with lush, layers, soaring vocals and heartfelt lyrics, and this track in particular points to Tanya’s cinematic style of songwriting. It’s a searing, slow-burner that hits you right in the core, further enhanced by the accompanying video. Featuring raw footage of Tanya busking in Melbourne’s bustling city, the combined power of this track gives fans an intimate window into her personal life.

“All of this footage was taken by global travellers in Melbourne’s CBD. It breaks my heart that our city is now a ghost town and busking has taken a (necessary) backstep, but my EP began on the streets and I wanted to pay homage to the city that we all adore,” Tanya explains of the video.

“During this time I felt I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, I was verging on homelessness, so I started creating music using only my voice as I couldn’t afford new instruments. Sometimes that is just how life rolls and, because of where I found myself, I now I have this weirdly honest EP that I composed from a very definitive time in my life.

“This song is simply about music and song writing being my purpose. Busking felt like the reality check I needed to understand and learn about life, others, and most of all; myself. I wanted to dedicate the first song ‘My Hymn’ to every single person who has supported me and stopped for a hello and shown some sort of support to the arts,” she says.

“Thank you for keeping us alive; and thank you for caring for what we do, particularly during hard times.”

Releasing the EP in five parts, the six tracks that make up ‘Normality’ divulge a new sound that the talented musician found busking on the streets of Melbourne, created only by vocals and thus challenging the pre-conceived notion of what makes ‘normal’ music.

Check out the video below.

To support the release of her upcoming EP, Tanya will be releasing a collection of film clips, drip feeding her EP in four parts until August, backed by The City of Melbourne through their Covid-19 Arts Grant initiative. With Part 1 and now ‘My Hymn’ out into the world, Tanya will drop ‘Interlude’ on Tuesday July 28; and ‘Normality’ on Wednesday August 5 (which actually featured fans from Instagram), all before the EP officially drops in September.

With her unique, homegrown style, creating a high-energy atmosphere through the use of intricate looping, Tanya is well on the way to achieving imminent success as a one-person powerhouse.

Photo by Jacob Connor