Premiere: Adelaide trailblazers Loopole ignite the post-punk scene with new single ‘Candles’

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Premiere: Adelaide trailblazers Loopole ignite the post-punk scene with new single ‘Candles’

Words by Alex Callan

The band's brand-new track takes a thrilling detour into the realm of garage-rock, infusing their signature post-punk sound with electrifying guitar riffs and punk-driven beats.

Since their formation in 2020, Loopole, have wasted no time in making a quick name for themselves. Even with Covid plaguing their first few years of tenure – restricting the Adelaide-based rockers from touring as extensively as they would have liked to – the group still managed to mark themselves as favourites amongst the triple i unearthed crowd, earning high praise after the release of dreamy indie-rock numbers such as ‘Belong’ and ‘State of Mind.’

But while it seems evident that the upstarts have been onto a winning formula since day dot, they’ve decided to shake things up a bit with their newest release, ‘Candles’.

Highlighting a newfound sense of urgency to their sound, ‘Candles’, released 28 July, sees Loopole migrating head first into the realm of garage-rock, pushing the boundaries of post-punk experimentation through flurries of distorted dissonance, razor-wire guitar licks, and driving punk-based percussive grooves.

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As stated by the group’s newest addition, Finn McCole (guitar), “Our individual music tastes have diversified a lot, it feels like we aren’t trying to shoot for a specific sound or genre as much.”

This is shown both instrumentally and lyrically— with ‘Candles’ channelling underlying themes about the group’s frustration of feeling enslaved to others expectations and how in turn those expectations can mask others from seeing who they really are. Merge that with Nick Edson’s powerful rally-call vocals, and you’ll undoubtedly feel the authenticity behind ‘Candles’ evocative message.


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As Edson’s unapologetic voice bellows in the chorus, “Can’t you see me? It’s like you’re watching me,” it’s clear that Loopole is about to make a huge impact. If people weren’t already watching, they will be soon, with ‘Candles’ destined to become a favourite amongst Australia’s rapidly re-emerging post-punk scene.

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