Portarlington Ferry extends its Portarlington to Docklands voyage, setting sail for another year

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Portarlington Ferry extends its Portarlington to Docklands voyage, setting sail for another year

Words by staff writer

The popular Portarlington to Docklands ferry service has secured a welcome extension.

Set your compass for the Bellarine Peninsula – the Portarlington to Docklands ferry is here to stay!

The waves of support from the Andrews Labor Government continue to roll in, as they announce a hearty extension for this beloved ferry service. The announcement comes as a double delight for both local commuters and those seeking a maritime escape.

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Minister for Public Transport Ben Carroll unveiled the news, revealing that the Labor Government has granted further funding – a whopping $2.55 million – to sustain the thriving Portarlington to Docklands travel route. For another twelve months, the ferry service will continue to serenade the Bellarine Peninsula, offering an idyllic escape for both seasoned day-trippers and dedicated local commuters.

The Portarlington to Docklands ferry serves as the quintessential travel companion for those who value convenience and a dash of maritime charm, with regular commuters relying on the ferry’s weekday services to access the city. This extension not only eases road congestion but also offers an attractive alternative to road or rail travel for both Bellarine Peninsula residents and visitors.

Launching in May 2017, this service has been an oceanic lifeline, carrying almost 110,000 passengers across the tranquil waters of Port Phillip Bay. The nautical delight of over 15,000 passengers in January 2023 stands as a testament to its undeniable appeal.

Since 2014, the Government has also invested a staggering $37 million in Portarlington Harbour, as part of the Piers and Jetties stimulus package that could make even Neptune himself envious. The recent renovations include a weather-defying access from the foreshore to the ferry, a fortified pier head that’s strong enough to dance with vehicles and emergency responders, and even a new and improved low landing for a more accessible water embrace.

With its serene passages, unspoiled vistas, and the promise of stress-free commuting, the Portarlington to Docklands ferry remains a crucial link between two vibrant destinations.

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