Pop Up Plants

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Pop Up Plants

Not one for outdoor gardening, Ria Stewart soon took to the interior of her house, filling it with potted wonders giving new life and vibrancy to each corner of her home.
“I’ve always loved gardening, but I’ve never had much luck with outdoor gardening. But I’ve always been able to keep indoor plants alive and happy – I just love having plants indoors,” Ria says.
What started as a pop-up store at the river end of Pakington Street in a vacant block, soon took a trip down the street to the bustling King of the Castle cafe.
Ria soon set up shop, so to speak, and has been at the popular cafe for around six months now. Her time spent in the space is clear as soon as you walk in. Pot plants are propped up on shelves, hidden in corners and overflowing from her counter, with each one adding a new sense of life to the venue.
“I love being here, it’s a really good environment to be in, everyone’s so happy, and there’s always a flow of people coming through the door – but I’d like to stay here,” she says.
“Robbie’s very nice and has let me put my stuff everywhere. Probably about once a week I’ll move everything around.”
While she hasn’t studied plants specifically, Ria holds a lot of knowledge about the care needed for each plant. As she points out various plants in the cafe, also ones she has at home, it soon becomes clear that having an easy to look after plant is the goal.
“They’re all easy care plants, Zanzibar Gem there thrives of neglect, you don’t even need to water it,” she says gesturing to the hardy looking plant on the shelf.
“It’s easy because there’s so many people that come in here and know nothing about plants and say they kill everything they come home with, so all the plants are really easy to look after.”
And Ria isn’t simply someone looking for a trend to jump on and profit from, she is a firm lover of indoor plants and as she tells me her house is full of them.
“Overflowing, it’s actually really crazy,” she laughs.
“Ever since I’ve put a few plants in my bedroom I feel like I wake up in the morning and I wake up better. I dunno, I’ve slept clearer or something.”
As one of the only stockists in Geelong for Vessel and Vine pots, various sized terrariums and with a shipment of miniature marble pots soon to come in, Pop Up Plants has easily become one of the hot spots when buying presents, whether they’re a treat for yourself or a much loved friend.
Pop Up Plants can be found at King of the Castle cafe, 24 Pakington St, Geelong West or on Facebook.
Written by Amanda Sherring