Polaris have come into their own with The Death Of Me

Polaris have come into their own with The Death Of Me

Polaris have always alternated their sound between heavy and melodic songs but on their second LP The Death Of Me – the follow up to their ARIA-nominated, Top 10 debut, The Mortal Coil (2018) – their amalgamations of sounds have truly met. In the words of Patrick Batemen from ‘American Psycho’ they have really come into their own and if I may add; in an extremely meticulous, emotional and perfectly executed fashion.

The sensational 10-track album opens with ‘Pray for Rain’, which seems like a self homage to earlier songs such as ‘Wherever I May Walk’ off their 2013 debut EP ‘Dichotomy.’ Its slow build-up is perfectly complemented by Ryan Siews technical riffs.

‘Hypermania’ has much more of a modern-day punk tinge to it, which is a unique but welcomed addition to the band’s repertoire. Highlighted through the songs bouncy off-kilter riffs and solidified by Jamie Hails drawn-out yells, certain moments reminded me of ‘Regress’ but with much more pace.

‘Landmine’ is easily the album’s highlight and that’s for quite a few reasons; the first is its heaviness. I have always been more akin to the heavier side of Polaris and this song really steps that up a notch. Secondly, I love Jamie experimenting with more of a disjointed, fast pace and slightly rap influenced style of his vocals in this song. Thirdly, the songs finishing moments which are arguably the heaviest the lads have ever sounded.

‘Creatures of Habit’ has an opening so large that if they don’t open this album tour with that song I’ll be annoyed because that’ll send the pit into complete hysteria.

The Death Of Me is out February 21, 2020, via Resist Records.

Reviewed by Alex Callan