Point Break

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Point Break

The secret behind making a good trashy movie is that it has to be both trashy and good. While the first Point Break managed to be both, this remake seems to have largely taken its cues from various extreme sport marketing videos where the focus is on how awesome the stunts are rather than having any kind of fun with them.

Former motorcross star turned FBI agent Johnny Utah (Luke Bracey) suspects a string of high-end heists are being carried out by extreme sports dudes, and before long he’s hanging out with Bodhi (Édgar Ramírez), who’s crew of extreme sports dudes certainly seem like the kind of people willing to commit high-end heists – not for the money, of course (they throw that away), but for the experience.

For a film so focused on “the experience” no-one seems to have thought much about the experience of the viewer. While the stunt sequences are mechanically proficient, there’s none of the jaw-dropping nuttiness that has made the last few Fast & Furious films (a clear touchstone here) so memorable. It’s not a complete loss, especially at this action-deprived time of the movie year, but for a movie this silly it sure does take itself seriously.

Reviewed be Anthony Morris