Planning Your Bucket List

Planning Your Bucket List

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, and the New Year is approaching fast, I always think this time of year is an excellent time to start thinking about next year’s travel plans. Or, even better, write a bucket list!

People write bucket lists for a number of reasons: It could be solely for travel, or to accomplish a certain amount of things by a certain age, or a really extreme list that will get you to tick off some seriously crazy things. I have my own bucket list, with some real specific things written on it, and some typical, or more obvious activities written down, too. To give you an idea, some things on mine include to go skydiving and paragliding, live overseas, go to Oktoberfest, visit a castle in England, donate blood, attend a wine tasting, climb theSydney Harbour Bridge. I could go on!

Not all of mine are solely travel related, and some of them are quite broad, or not even that impressive! But they are things I’ve personally wanted to achieve, and I think having them written in a list makes them a little more reachable.
So, are you feeling inspired to get cracking on your bucket list? Here are some tips to make the whole process a little easier and that will maybe start triggering some ideas you want to write down.

First of all, I’d recommend you have somewhere to put your list. You could buy a specific ‘wanderlust’ themed journal, or a notepad, you could do it on a website, or on social media platform, like Pinterest, which is a good one for you visual souls out there. Once you have that organised, it’ll always be there waiting for you for when the inspiration strikes!

Getting ideas of what to put on your list can seem a little overwhelming at first, so it’s good to do a little research. You know yourself best, so see what you think is actually attainable and what gets you excited. You could always ask some friends what’s on their list, or do some searching online. There are some really crazy ones out there! Once the ideas are flowing, be sure to write them down! Want to master a new language? Write it down! Want to learn how to ride a jet ski? Write it down!

Once you’ve got a good list going, it’s always worthwhile to take a look back and refine it slightly. Maybe choose to eliminate some of the more impossible tasks, or the less realistic ones. Be practical without being too ruthless! You could also get more specific, too. If you want to learn a new language, you could specify which language, being Spanish, French, or Russian.

If you were keen to start ticking things off that awesome list of yours, I’d recommend that you start with the smaller stuff. This will encourage you to feel thesense of accomplishment and will also avoid feeling as if you’ll never get anything done. It will give you the encouragement to continue on, too!

I absolutely love bucket lists, and think they are a brilliant way to get you excited about life, and all the amazing things we can do. Don’t you?!

Written by Katherine Reynolds / facebook/katthewanderer / @katthewanderer