Phony Ppl are heading on an Australian tour this October

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Phony Ppl are heading on an Australian tour this October


Phony Ppl, the genre-defying band hailing from the vibrant streets of Brooklyn, is set to bring their unique sound to Melbourne.

Comprising some of the finest young musicians in Brooklyn, Phony Ppl draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical legends, including Mandrill and Bossa Nova, while incorporating their own sense of exploration and self-discovery. Catch them at 170 Russell on October 17 this year.

Phony Ppl Australian tour

  • October 15 – Liberty Hall, Sydney
  • October 17 – 170 Russell, Melbourne
  • October 18 – The Triffid, Brisbane

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The band’s musical journey has been a fascinating one, marked by a series of transformations and a commitment to crafting a genre-less sound. Their music weaves together elements of jazz, hip-hop, R&B, reggae, soul, and rock, resulting in a sonic cornucopia that defies categorisation.


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With their debut full-length album Yesterday’s Tomorrow released in 2015, Phony Ppl captured critical acclaim and attention from prestigious outlets like The New York Times, NPR, and Rolling Stone. The album featured the standout track Why iii Love The Moon, showcasing the band’s innovative approach to music.

Phony Ppl’s follow-up album, mō’zā-ik (Mozaik), released in 2019, further solidified their reputation as musical boundary-pushers. The album transcended time and classification, with tracks like Way Too Far and Before You Get A Boyfriend resonating with fans across the globe.

Their latest album, Euphonyus, was a labor of love that took three years to create. Released in late 2022, the album embraces the duality of their connection with the audience (You – Phony – Us) and embodies the very essence of its title, being pleasing to the ear. Euphonyus brings together danceable, vibrant, and joyful tracks alongside songs that delve into the depths of sadness, sorrow, and lust.

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