Phone addiction? These simple tips will help you stop checking your phone so much

Phone addiction? These simple tips will help you stop checking your phone so much

Words by Kim Cooper

Geelong’s Kim Cooper shares some tips to help break your habit

If we’re honest, we all kinda have it. Your bestie has it, the guy or girl you’re dating right now has it, you probably have it, and I know I DEFINITELY have it… that’s right, I’m talking about a phone addiction.

According to Google, 95 per cent of Android users pick up their phone every six minutes and receive a notification every seven. It’s one of the biggest “first world problems” we have that is effecting the way we do life (more than we’d like to admit).

If you’re like me and know deep down that you stare at your phone too much, here are a few tips I’ve gathered on how to help keep your phone out of your hand, and your head up in the real world a little more than usual… especially now that we’re allowed to leave the house.

May the force be with you, Lord knows we need it!

1. Turn your notifications off
You don’t need to know that Susie from high school liked your fave selfie the exact moment she liked it; you can find out and feel good about it later when you check Insta. So, just turn them off. It takes one more moment out of the day where you’re inadvertently drawn to your phone – because let’s be honest, we check it enough on our own without our phone and apps reminding us to check it.

2. Re-arrange your home screen
This one REALLY helped me. I put my Facey and Insta on the very last page of my apps so I have to swipe over a few times intentionally to check it. I even went next level on this shiz and put them in a folder that says “Choose Life, babe”. It just reminds me that before I check it to ask myself, “do I wish to choose what’s happening in real life right in front of me instead?”. Does it always work? No. Does it sometimes work? Yes. And that’s enough for me.

3. Check your battery usage
Go to Settlings > Battery > Scroll down and look at Battery Usage, then click the little clock looking icon on the right side. It will show you how many minutes/hours today you’ve spent on your apps. Ok. Now deep breathes. It shocked me too the first time. Like, really shocked me. SAHHH confronting! But hopefully the above tips can help you change that a little bit.

4. Trial separation
Don’t try to go totally cold turkey, but rather practice some trial separations first. When you go out for coffee with a friend or a walk on the beach, leave your phone behind, or at least in the car.

5. Uninstall apps
Uninstall apps that you don’t use or that you feel are wasting your time. Thank you, next.

And guys remember, you’re not alone! We are all struggling with some degree of phone addiction.

They’re smart little buggers up there in the Facebook and Instagram headquarters (just watch The Social Dilemma on Netflix), and they’ll do anything to up your screen time because that’s how they make their money which is why these app companies invest HUGE amounts of cash to create ways to keep us addicted and on their product, much like junk food companies. So fight The Big Man, show them who is boss and take back your power!

And lastly, promise not to be be too hard on yourself when you don’t nail it and find yourself three months deep in your ex’s pics… we’ve all been there babe.

Much love always, Kim xx

Kim Cooper is a local singer in the Geelong region and the primary carer for her dad. You can follow Kim’s journey via Instagram.