Phia: The Woman Who Counted the Stars

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Phia: The Woman Who Counted the Stars

The Woman Who Counted the Stars is the third release from Melbourne based artist Phia. With a desire to write something that wasn’t about love or a boyfriend (inspired by a Björk interview in 2016) the premise for each song is drawn from female science and enterprise pioneers.

This EP is an ingenious campaign that is the latest step in the creative career of the live looping indie pop sensation that is Phia, and sets her apart as an unparalleled and gifted musician. It carries a sense of inspiration within each song which serve as a reminder of both the power of ambition and forgotten history.

Along with the enchanting lyrical content, Phia combines sweet melodies and themes with rhythms that inspire listening that creates an experience. It also carries a sound that matches well with the upcoming long summer nights – a sound that can be both a hazy and syrupy backing audio, as well as a pleasant experience for deeper and more concentrated listening.

Labelship (EU) / Independent (AUS).
Reviewed by Perri Digby