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There’s a saying out there that two is always better than one, and this couldn’t apply more to the duo exhibition at Wonderwall Gallery by Soraya Mobayad and Katie Bishop.
Both exhibitions feature highly detailed works from two talented local ladies – Katie lives in Torquay and Soraya in Geelong. Sorayas’ series ‘Phantasm’ uses images, loops, narratives and patterns often conjured up in dreams to give them a physical illusory form.
“The works are fed by my fascination with the bizarre narratives conjured in my dreams and the disorientation we feel as we wake into the hypnopompic state,” Soraya says. “They are subjective representations of sleep and dreaming and the failure of memory to accurately recall this time.”
The negative space surrounding the marks and lines allows the works to exist within a suspended and tense void, mimicking the experience of unease upon waking into the hypnopompic state and the inability to grasp the remnants of the evasive, but seemingly important, details of our dreams.
This is Soraya’s debut exhibition – though it is shared with Katie – and it has by no means been a rushed process. With her wealth of hands on experience and creative exposure it’s bound to go down a treat.
Soraya is a member of the Geelong Illustrator’s group, was previously on the Arts Advisory Panel at Courthouse ARTS, travelled to Japan to study art and has dedicated much of her time to being actively involved in the Geelong arts community.
“I’ve been working towards this for some time and it’s a surreal experience to have it come together. I’m really lucky to have the support of special people in my life who have energised me with their interest,” Soraya says.
When&Where: Wonderwall Gallery, Courthouse ARTS – Until August 14