Peter Bibby: Hitting the road in celebration of new single ‘Medicine’

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Peter Bibby: Hitting the road in celebration of new single ‘Medicine’

When people talk about the Perth live music scene, you’ll commonly hear three names mentioned; Tame Impala, Pond and Peter Bibby. With only one release under his belt, Peter Bibby is already taking the music world by storm. With his 2014 debut ‘Butcher/Hairstylist/Beautician’ scoring immense critical acclaim and landing him spots at festivals including Laneway and America’s revered SXS its been a very busy past few years for the Perth based musician. But where did it all start for Peter?

“I started seriously playing when I was about 15, not gigs, just writing songs in my bedroom and then my first band ‘Frozen Ocean’ kicked off when I was about 16. That was just me and my mate sitting in sheds playing loud music and smoking bucket-bongs. I can’t handle that shit any more, but back in those days that was the flavour…” he laughs.

“We played together for about three years and had never played a gig and it wasn’t until we went to the Hyde Park Hotel, which is no longer. Well, it still exists but it’s been taken over by Woolworths which sucks because it used to be an institution of rowdy music back in Perth. So we were there one time and we saw a two-piece band called The Travellis and we thought ‘shit if these guys can play gigs as a two-piece we can do it’ and then we found out people give you free beer if you play gigs and we were sold. Then after a bit we actually started getting paid in money, which was even better.”

After recently releasing his gory film clip for new single ‘Medicine,’ Bibby has been busily recording songs for a new album. “Medicine is off an album we recorded about two years ago, that will be released in about three or four months, and the record that we just recorded probably wont see the light of day for another 12 months or so,” Bibby explains.

“The one that’s ready to go I was hoping that would be released over a year ago, but there was a bit of label discrepancy which we have finally got in order. The most recent one, we just smashed out 12-18 hours a day over eight days straight,” he continues. “We have one more day at the end of the tour to go in and add the final touches; add a bit of flavour, and a little bit of herb and spice and then it just needs to be mixed.”

Bibby has recently hit the road and will performing 12 dates across the country this October. Whilst punters in Ballarat will be privileged enough to score a gig, it seems Bendigo haven’t been quite as lucky.

“I’m so pumped for the Ballarat show, I love Ballarat. I’ve got to say it’s a far better town then Bendigo, which appears to be a sister town… but I’ve gotta say I hate Bendigo… Sorry to anyone who likes Bendigo, but Bendigo has treated me bad and Ballarat has treated me good,” Bibby confesses before explaining further.

“They can return my sleeping bag that they stole from me and they can be a lot warmer and friendlier to me in general. The sleeping bag theft left a very sour taste in my mouth and I now blame the whole town…”

When & Where: The Eastern, Ballarat – October 26 & Kennedy’s Creek Music Festival, Kennedy’s Creek – October 28

Written by Alex Callan