Penny Ivy’s first solo release for 2022 ‘Alien’ is pop-punk perfection

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Penny Ivy’s first solo release for 2022 ‘Alien’ is pop-punk perfection

With vibrant guitars and a melodic hook guaranteed to stick in your head as any unrelenting pop-punk hit should, Penny Ivy's newest single places her in the ring as a promising pop-punk act in the making.

Joining the likes of pop star Olivia Rodrigo, Demi Lovato and Billie Eilish who have been sparking a resurgence in pop-punk sonics and girl-power edge, Brisbane-based artist Penny Ivy has today unveiled an absolute pop-punk gem with her new single ‘Alien’.

Marking her first solo release of 2022, the powerhouse has delivered an honest, relatable and playful track, oozing with insecure confidence, brilliant vocals and a sound that resonates with her lyrical mastery shining in a genre that is making an undeniable comeback.

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Laced with riotous, danceable energy, this hypnotic pop-punk ballad is lush and exuberant, capturing you right from the start with its heady rhythm, vibrant guitars, sweet melodies, dynamic honeyed vocals, and a super catchy chorus that’ll stay in your head for days.

Produced by longtime collaborator James Angus with the assistance of SOAP frontman Tom Megalos, ‘Alien’ is an anthemic interpretation that tells a story all too familiar for many.

“Alien is about how I’ve always felt. Weird; socially, physically and mentally,” Penny Ivy reveals.

“I’m not a girl anymore and I feel like I can share these common feelings with a lot of friends or random strangers and I wish someone told me 20 years old that it’s okay to feel these things because later in life, you’ll hopefully realise life’s too short to be like anyone else.”

Penny Ivy began music from a very young age, writing poetry and spoken word to express herself. When this skill developed into a career, Penny headed overseas to hone her craft taking residency in Sweden, the pop songwriting capital of the world, for four years before returning to Australia in 2018. Since her return to home soil, Penny has made undeniable in-roads writing for artists like Liyah Knight, Jem Cassar-Daly, Carmouflage Rose, KLP, Eves Karydas and more.

Most recently, Penny teamed up with producer James Angus (Last Dinosaurs, The Veronicas, No Money Enterprise) as the core creative team behind UK dance icon Example’s most recent album “We May Grow Old But We Never Grow Up” where she also featured on a number of the tracks including single “Never Let You Down” produced by UK dubstep heavyweight Kanine.

A delicious first taste of Penny Ivy’s solo material, ‘Alien’ authentically showcases who she is as an artist and we can’t wait to see where she takes us from her. Until then, dive into her world and feel totally surrounded by love and understanding, even if you are the alien…

Listen to ‘Alien’ here