Peking Duk’s Biggest Tour Ever

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Peking Duk’s Biggest Tour Ever

Picture greenery on stage, some sparkly white pants and people jumping so much that Melbourne Arena feels like it’s jumping itself, that’s how Peking Duk opened when Fake Magic was played. The whole floor was full with so many different age groups as they flowed into Wasted

Peking Duk love Melbourne, it would have to be the favourite city of all as it definitely pulls their heart strings as this is how their career kicked off “If it wasn’t for Melbourne we wouldn’t be where we are today”

Chris Sebastian and Quami kick off in Say my name and there is so much energy on that stage and in the crowd to the point that they have set up to film part of a new video from clips of the stage, the vibe in the crowd and the light show is second to none. Even DJ Mimi had happy birthday sung to her, along with every other person at Melbourne Arena.

From sculling beers on stage, Al from Cloud Control making an appearance, to enya playing during intermission Peking Duk has thought of everything to ensure that this performance was one to remember, their 15th show thus far.

A piano starts playing to intro Fire which then kicks off into a cover by Kiiara of Blurs song 2, the energy couldn’t be more insane!

They moved to Melbourne as they couldn’t get enough of it.

The room lit up, fire engulfed the stage, confetti blasted through the arena for take me over and it by far was the perfect finale to an energy filled performance. The love was felt everywhere as they had a massive group hug and walked off stage.



Reviewed by Miranda Williams
Photo by Zoe Stavris
Melbourne Arena – May 10.