Peking Duk

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Peking Duk

The duo with the delicious name has had one hell of a year. It has been so good, and so busy, that we found ourselves very fortunate that they could spare us some time. Then again, that is just what makes Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles such good guys.
Hello lads, last time we spoke you were about to come to Geelong on tour and things were really starting to heat up. How have the 12 months since then been for you?
ADAM: Absolutely crazy and sweaty … We never in a million years would have imagined we would end up with a platinum record and a song that would get to #5 on the ARIA Charts. Stuff that dreams are made of!
You are currently touring for Groovin’ the Moo. Are things getting crazy on the road?
REUBEN: Groovin’ the Moo has been mental, the crowds we have been playing to have been massive … annndd sweaty. It’s been really good bro’ing down with all the other artists. Unfortunately Adam missed out on the artist day off on Magnetic Island because he slept in.
Where are you currently and what are you up to?
ADAM: We are currently at home in Sydney but tomorrow we get back on the road and travel to Geraldton, before Bunbury Groovin’ the Moo!
How have the crowds at different areas treated you so far? Was Bendigo a good one?
REUBEN: Bendigo was massive, we could tell they really appreciated a good tune or two! It was cold though. Cold … but sweaty.
You also did BDO which must have been massive. How was that?
ADAM:  Big Day Out was another great festival tour where we made friends with lots of rad dudes. Some of the responses we had for our set time of midday were just crazy.
You guys rode the buzz of your track ‘Mufasa’ that caused a bit of a stir. Do you think the track hit a nerve with all the Lion King fans who were kids in the ’90s?
REUBEN: Haha, the title of the track was just a little thing that the song’s tribal elements reminded us of.
How was working with Laidback Luke?
ADAM:  He was one of the most professional guys we have worked with so far. His attention to detail left us in awe! We both love a good party track which is why this came together so well.
I know you are probably getting sick of being asked, but you did mention working on a full-length last time we spoke. How is that coming along?
ADAM:  Still working on it and still in the studio. We want to make sure it’s full of some really great tunes that all our fans can get behind. There’s lots of awesome people we are working with to turn our ideas into reality!
You guys are coming back to Geelong, this time to light up the Eureka. Looking forward to visiting G-town again?
ADAM:  Geelong is always a crazy time – I’m sure this time it will be something next level! We hope to see lots of sweat and singing along.
What is it that you love about Geelong most? 
ADAM:  We have had plenty of nice coastal drives down to Geelong and beyond to Falls Festival … there’s that. And then there’s the awesome people.
What do you have in store for Geelong peeps who will be attending the Eureka date this time around? Anything special?
ADAM:  They might get to hear a little sneak preview of our next single. 😉
Anything you would like to add?
BOTH:  All of our favourite people in G-Troit – make sure you get down to Eureka and we will have a delightful time.
WHERE&WHEN: The Eureka Hotel, Geelong – June 8