Peggy Gou reaches from the best dance eras to craft debut I Hear You

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Peggy Gou reaches from the best dance eras to craft debut I Hear You

Image Credit: Park Jong Ha
Words by Alex Callan

Peggy Gou has become a force on the festival front and an alternative dance music master all before her debut album.

Having chipped away as a permanent fixture of the underground festival scene for the past decade, South Korean born, London-raised, Peggy Gou, has undoubtedly made her mark as a dominant force within the alternative dance scene.

Although over the past year, Gou hasn’t just made a name for herself in the mainstream, she’s taken over it – possibly more than any alternative DJ/Producers to come in the recent years before her. Sure, Fatboy Slim and Moby were favourites of music supervisors in the 90’s, and Calvin Harris briefly dated Taylor Swift – but they still weren’t fronting the cover of Vogue or popping up on red carpets at the Cannes film festival like Peggy Gou is. 

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On her debut, I Hear You, Gou continues to show the masses what all the hype is about, mixing her way through a collection of styles to bounce between 90’s trance rompers (‘Back To One‘), 80’s disco sparkle (‘Purple Horizon‘) and 80’s future funk (‘I Go‘)

Certified bassline burners ‘It Goes Like (Nana) and ‘Lobster Telephone step away from Gou’s acid-house roots to deliver polished disco-pop gems perfect for radio-play, while ‘Seoulsi Peggygou‘ sees Gou’s South Korean heritage shine through the inclusion of bi-lingual lyricism and traditional Korean instruments such as the gayageum.

It’s only been recently that Gou has started her ascent to the top of the commercial charts, but if I Hear You is anything to go by, she should start making herself comfortable atop of the podium.

I Hear You from the master Peggy Gou is out now via XL/Remote Control. You can listen to it here. Keep up to date on the latest from Peggy Gou here.