Paul McDermott and 1: Blood Orange

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Paul McDermott and 1: Blood Orange


Blood Orange is the third collaboration between writer/performer Paul McDermott and guitar/rock/god Glenn Moorhouse.

It’s the culmination of three years of intense study and personal observation. The previous PAUL + 1 shows have been fixated on the implications and reactions to the pandemic (see BACKSTORY below). In 2023, finally freed from the claustrophobia of COVID and its all-invasive presence PAUL + 1 felt able to explore new and powerful territory.

Blood Orange tackles three large conceptual themes facing contemporary society: The fall of Empire, the rise of women, and wanking (not necessarily in that order). From these broad, but deceptively simple, topics PAUL + 1 has created a sonic hellscape of contemporaneous hilarity. This is a modern work for modern people that has appealed to both young and old.