Path of Victory: New Beginnings

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Path of Victory: New Beginnings

It’s not every day that you find a metal band who have members that were in the military, but today is that day for you; here is Path of Victory. Military influences can be heard on aptly named ‘Heart of War’, with the opening snare roll sounding like a machine gun and slowly morphing into the sound of a helicopter flying above.

Although, this EP is not about war, it’s about starting fresh. Path of Victory have not so long ago acquired a new front-man, James Grieg, and drummer, Josh Knight. The band wasted no time to show their hand with New Beginnings, a six track metal odyssey. ‘Self Destruction’ kicks it off with no frills, just a hardcore opener that assures you Path of Victory are on the very thing they’re named after.

The release is riff heavy and could stand on its metal merits alone, but the sparse melodic refrains are welcomed and show the bands ability to craft a well-rounded heavy song. New Beginnings threatens to blow their local hardcore scene out of the water, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Out independently
Reviewed by Alex Callan