Pataphysics: Tip of the Spear

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Pataphysics: Tip of the Spear

Melbourne native and rising rap musician Pataphysics’ new album Tip of the Spear is a joy to listen to, with its clear blues and jazz influences, funky rhythms and political undertones providing a lyricist’s delight.

Songs like ‘First Casualty’, ‘Learned’ and ‘Everything The Same’ provide a good indication of what Tip of the Spear represents with its rhythmic tones and pointed political references. The messages posed in Pataphysics’ lyrics provide an unapologetic insight into the state of the country as he sees it.

While a portion of Tip of the Spear harks back to Pataphysics’ bluesy roots, ‘Blood Money’ provides a perfect counter-balance with its up-tempo beat and melodic harmony. ‘Harold Holt’ is another point of difference that boasts an industrial sound complemented by progressive work on the sound board.

Where Pataphysics works his magic is with his energy on stage, and the great thing about this album is that the energy usually associated with his set is very prevalent on Tip of the Spear. Not only is this a funky, easy listening album, but also an important social commentary on issues such as homogeneous culture, illegal detention and the great economic divide.

4 Stars
9 Gates
Review by Daniel Jubb