Parkway Drive Lock in Bendigo and Geelong Shows

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Parkway Drive Lock in Bendigo and Geelong Shows

In the words of Churchill: “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

However, a fella named Justin Fimmel goes okay. He is the winner of Parkway Drive’s competition to pick a tour name. He suggested ‘All Aussie Adventure’, named after the great Russell Coight. Justin actually has a connection with the band, even if it may test the memory. A drummer, his band Ghosts over Japan opened for Parkway Drive in Cairns and Townsville some six years ago. Anyway, the band thought his idea had a nice ring to it and so will begin their adventures in June for an extended run of regional dates.

Bendigo Stadium, Bendigo – July 1 & The Arena, Geelong – July 2.