Parkway Drive: IRE

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Parkway Drive: IRE

Hardcore – more so than some of the other metal subgenres – is pretty much the go-to music if you want the audial equivalent of a punch in the face. While it is undoubtedly popular, I find that bands tend to blend together and sound far too similar – you’re pretty much guaranteed blast beats, harsh vocals that range from gravelly to near-incomprehensible and chuggy guitars.
It takes something special to grab my attention with releases in this genre, and Parkway Drive have definitely grabbed me with their latest effort, Ire. The band have made a much more melodic album this time around, and it’s worked in their favour. They’re as aggressive and full-on than ever, with some added edge. There’s flashes of bands like In Flames and Arch Enemy – admittedly, it’s rather weird to hear that kind of influence in a hardcore release – and it makes Ire all the more interesting. There’s guitar tones and riffs that wouldn’t sound out of place on The Jester Race, and in my humble opinion, the album is all the better for it. Ire’s closing track, ‘A Deathless Song’, is progressive, ambitious and, quite frankly, exciting – if this is the future of Parkway Drive, I’m very excited.
Out Via Resist Records
Reviewed by Alastair McGibbon