Palaye Royale are heading back to Australia

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Palaye Royale are heading back to Australia

If you’re not too familiar with Palaye Royale then think Bowie, Jagger, and My Chemical Romance and you’ll be on the right track. The trio are heading back to Australia for an East Coast set of gigs in September and if their first trip down under is anything to go by it should be a hell of a tour.

Palaye Royale is a glam-rock threesome hailing from Canada who now calls Las Vegas home. They’ve been together since 2008 and have built a solid, passionate following with their arty rock and dynamic shows where anything can happen and usually does. The band sees the visual elements of performance as critical, and as crucial as the musical side and their sense of theatre and art have stood the threesome out as something different, unique.

“We’ve been playing music together our entire lives”, lead singer Remington Leith explains. “Music has always been such a big influence on all of us. And these days as we get more comfortable we’ve been trying to do a lot more, especially visually. In many ways, music is our therapy.”

The key philosophy for the band is to keep things fresh and different, and for fans to expect the unexpected.

“We always try to keep changing, evolving; to do more each record. Our music goes hand in hand with the visual side of things. For us exploring is important.”

The band has released a number of EP’s and a fully-fledged album, and their music is often compared to The Rolling Stones, The Faces, The Doors, and David Bowie, who Leith describes as a “style icon”.

But it is their live shows, which combine punk rock and glam stylings with a visual element and fashion sense that the band has made all of their own. And they just love to wow audiences across the globe with the unpredictability on stage as much as anything.

“We do some crazy fucking rock shows. There are some crazy antics and the visual aspect creates little stories around the music.”

The band hit the Corner Hotel in Melbourne on September 14th in what will likely go down as a historical event. Be sure to grab your tickets as a matter of priority. It’s a show not to be missed.

Written by Chris Michaels