Paige Black tackles love and loss on stunning new single ‘Oceans Apart’

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Paige Black tackles love and loss on stunning new single ‘Oceans Apart’

Paige Black showcases her knack for storytelling on her 2020 Darebin Songwriters Award-winning track.

Born and raised in the Yarra Valley, Paige Black has been turning heads in the Melbourne music scene with her mesmeric voice and a songwriting style that’s wise beyond her years.

Inspired by the likes of Adele and Sara Bareilles, Black’s sound is best described as soulful pop. Penned at her piano, her songs take the listener on a journey as she candidly details everything from the relationships she’s had to the places she’s been.

Her new single, ‘Oceans Apart’ saw Black awarded the prestigious Darebin Songwriters Award this year, judged by Australian songwriting greats, Emma Donovan, Jess Ribeiro and Charles Jenkins.

Detailing a struggling long-distance relationship, the lyrics will tug at your heartstrings while Black’s soaring vocals and raw delivery serves the ultimate gut punch.

Tied together by a minimalistic, haunting piano melody and packed with emotion, ‘Oceans Apart’ will leave you with a lump in your throat.

Listen to ‘Oceans Apart’ below.

‘Oceans Apart’ is out now. For more from Paige Black, head to her website.