OZORA: One Day in Australia is heading to Melbourne for the very first time

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OZORA: One Day in Australia is heading to Melbourne for the very first time

Credit: Magu Sumita

Europe's premiere Psychedelic Gathering is heading to Port Melbourne on January 21 2023.

Paradigm & Rainbow Serpent Festival have been busy over winter preparing the single-day edition of O.Z.O.R.A – One Day in Australia.

The Ozora Festival is an annual event that combines arts and psychedelic trance music, located near the city of Dádpuszta, in one of the most stunning places in Hungary. The festival is often referred to as the holy grail of psytrance festivals, mainly due to the fact of it serving as a meeting point for new-age gurus from all over the world, as they ‘assemble together for the Music and the Spirit’.

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Ozora started in 1999 to celebrate a solar eclipse, and it has since grown to be one of the most influential psytrance festivals in the world. And as if that wasn’t enough, it is also considered to be one of the most immersive festivals, and its six stages are just the tip of the iceberg. Artists and performers fill the festival with colour, the décor is a real masterpiece, workshops, discussion groups, yoga classes, and all sorts of wonderful activities combine with the perfect scenery to create a truly transcendental experience.

As one of the most influential psychedelic trance festivals in the world, Ozora Festival has expanded globally, bringing official “One Day In” series to locations around the world like Tokyo, London, Paris and São Paulo.

Now, thanks to the legends at Paradigm & Rainbow Serpent Festival, Ozora Festival will be hosting their special show in Australia for the first time ever.

While nothing could ever emulate the original Ozora, OZORA: One Day in Australia will bring together impeccable audio delivery, stage design, décor, lighting and laser shows to create an event that will go beyond what punters could ever imagine.

The lineup and further details of what to expect are still to be announced but you can sign up for presale now here.

OZORA: One Day in Australia will arrive at PICA – 11 Woolboard Road, Port Melbourne on Saturday, January 21 2023.