Oxygen Student Solo Sessions: Night Two @ Piano Bar

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Oxygen Student Solo Sessions: Night Two @ Piano Bar

Over two nights (in which I went to the first) Oxygen College set up a showcase for its budding students who will soon be seriously entering the music industry, armed with the knowledge given to them from the college. For some students, this would have been one of the first serious gigs they’ve performed – to a full venue as well (albeit it mostly family and friends).

There were seven performers all together, with many stepping in on each other’s sets. What we imagine was encouraged by the college and is a great skill to show the musicians’ versatility in working with others.

One of the first up was Victoria Faith, who with a delicate voice worked through a series of covers and originals, while occasionally harmonising with Mae Udarbe. Each performer got around six songs in their set, which was split quite evenly between originals and covers. The dynamic between the two was quite clear (our guess is they are mates in real life) and timing between the two flowed quite seamlessly. Though matching of pitch was something that slightly faltered during the set. Mae Udarbe also played her own set, in which the highlight was her original on her home town. The addition of violin was truly beautiful as well.


Vitti, Joshua Dower, Harley Stuart, Johanna and a few others also played on the night, rounding out the series for Oxygen. There was much diversity on the night, though the common thread seemed to be female fronted folk/pop stylings with either keys or guitar. And we can always do with more women entering the industry.

Overall, the event is a great insight into the talent that’s about to enter the Geelong music scene. And from what we could tell, despite a few minor issues that can be rounded out with more performance experience (audience engagement, timing etc) it’s looking to be a promising time ahead.

Reviewed by Amanda Sherring
Images: Oxygen College