Oxygen College student TIARA shines

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Oxygen College student TIARA shines

To succeed in music it takes so many things to go right. It takes nurturing and development of potential, management and networking opportunities, along with the knowledge and experience of how all facets of the industry operate. Oxygen College offers all of this with their Artist Development Program, which has fostered a number of young, local artists – including Tiara Ridwan.

Hi Tiara, thanks for chatting with us. What drew you to the music industry?
I have always been drawn to music and the industry for as long as I can possibly remember but it wasn’t up until three years ago that I got pretty serious about it and actually saw a proper future in it for myself. During that period where I was transitioning between just “enjoying singing to “I am going to make a life out of this for myself”, I was surrounded by some pretty special and supportive individuals that really encouraged me to get out there and just go for it because of the potential they saw in me. This was life-changing for me and I am very grateful for it.

Who are your main musical influences?
I have so many musical influences, but at the end of the day, I am influenced and inspired by any artist big or small that is out there doing their thing, putting in work and trying to make something of themselves. If someone has created a life for themselves staying true to their passion I am very much influenced and inspired by that.

What does the typical process of creating a song look like?
My process of creating music isn’t always the same. It just depends on how I’m feeling and what comes to me at the time. Sometimes I’ll have a melody in my head, then other times just lyrics, sometimes it starts with a few chords on the keyboard and then I build on that and sometimes I even write to an already made beat that I vibe to and get inspired by. I don’t have a set process follow – It all just depends what comes to me at the time. Actually, fun fact – every single song on the EP was written with a totally different process to one another. One started with just a drum beat, another with a guitar riff, one just a melody and the other started with just lyrics, then I just build off whatever I start off with.

Do you collaborate with others? How do you find the collaborative process?
Collaborations are honestly one of my all-time favourite things ever. It’s exciting when others are keen to work with you and create something and having two or more creative brains is always better than one, right? I think that the collaborative process is so important, especially for growth as an artist. I’ve gained so much confidence in my music and ideas and have learned a heap as a result of working with others. I just love the whole process of collaboration. It’s also super fun when you get to share the creative experience with another person and celebrate that when you have a finished product. It’s a whole new energy. I love it.

You’ve just recorded and are set to release your EP this month, where did you record the EP?
I recorded my EP at one of the Oxygen College studios in Geelong. I had a pretty awesome team which made the whole process a really enjoyable stress-free experience.

Will you have any visuals to accompany any of the songs in the EP?
Well yes actually I do. After I drop the EP I am going to release a music video to one of the tracks on the EP that I wrote with my good friend Tiaki Simmons. This music video was filmed by an extremely talented videographer that goes by the name of Ace Carino. I’m extremely happy with the way it turned out and I can’t wait to share it with the world – So stay tuned for that!

What are your next moves?
I have a couple of projects on the go – both collaborations and solo projects. After the EP drops I’ll be planning my next few releases. I’ll also be doing a whole lot of writing and plan to have a few more shows planned – So stay tuned. Exciting times ahead.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?
100% get it. Go for it. Give it your all, have the utmost belief in yourself and most importantly don’t give a s#*t what anyone thinks of you along the way because that will only hold you back from great things.

Any shows we should know about coming up?
August 10th at the Deck in Geelong. This gig for me is to showcase and celebrate my new EP – Heat of The Night. Plus I will be playing alongside some extremely talented Geelong artists that all have new releases too so it’s going to be one big party of new music and celebrations. Sounds like a night I wouldn’t miss! Tickets are on sale now so get in quick.

Catch TIARA at The Deck in Geelong on August 10 as WavRiders host a celebration of Geelong Hip Hop.