Our Town's Ice Fight

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Our Town's Ice Fight

Greater Geelong Declaring a Year of Action to Tackle Ice
Work has progressed since a successful August 14 – 15 IDEAS Summit, where over 60 selected people from a cross section of the Geelong and Barwon communities came together to brainstorm and come up with 12 direct action community projects that will be used to raise awareness and prevention initiatives in readiness for the Declaration Day (held on November 14).
In the lead up to this Declaration day, teams took the concepts shared at the IDEAS Summit and turned them into properly planned projects with clear actions, outcomes and responsibilities.
The direct actions are targeting; youth, education, workplaces and sport. This innovative approach to move from information forums to direct action is a national first on this scale and highlights the exceptional work being undertaken in the Greater Geelong area to make a substantial difference on this issue. The level of involvement and commitment from our Geelong community leaders thus far has been inspiring with support from five local councils, state government departments locally and over 40 businesses. It is amazing to see what can be achieved when the community comes together and pools its considerable talents and resources to make a difference locally. We have selected people who can build ideas and believe they can lead or make a difference in their community, school, workplace or sports club. They are community members with unique skill sets.
On November 14 we announced our planning initiatives where we declared a year of action to tackle Ice. All our actions are focused on awareness and prevention. We understand that awareness without action is useless, so as a collective community we are seizing the moment and taking a united and collective approach to tackle Ice in our community through practical and structured actions.
For more information visit www.icefight.com.au or www.facebook.com/ourtownsicefight.