Our top five Pete Murray tracks

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Our top five Pete Murray tracks

Summer is for cold beer, acoustic jams and Aussie music so when we found out that Pete Murray was coming to town we decided it was time to put together our favourite Murray track list and keep our fingers crossed that we may hear them live at The Wool Exchange.

In town for his PM3 Summer Sessions tour, this show promises to be an intimate affair as Murray bring only two accompanying musicians to help him perform. The trio will be playing tracks from Murray’s 2017 album Camacho as well as fan favourites – hopefully one or all of our favourites listed below…

#5: Feeler
The first track off Pete Murray’s debut album was definitely a feeler (pun most definitely indented) and left us all with the imaginary feels. The title album was debuted back in July of 2003 and marked the beginning of Murray’s mainstream success.

#4: Always A Winner
I’m sure we aren’t the only ones who are suckers for a little horns and racing percussion subtlety in the background. ‘Always A Winner’ is most definitely a winner for any Summer Session and I’m sure it would sound just as cool stripped back. Plus this track went gold…

#3: Better Days
Album number two came three years after Murray’s debut and gave us another selection of awesome Aussie tracks and a few more breakup songs to muffle into our pillows – including ‘Better Days’. Although this track may not have the horns we love, it does have some harmonious strings and a beautiful story.

#2: Opportunity
There is no doubt that when this song starts, the crowd will be following closely behind, echoing every single word with a lot of love and a lot of anger. ‘Opportunity’ is one of Murray’s many perfect campfire songs as it really does get the crowd singing along, and we are excited to apart of the action when he comes to Geelong this January.

#1: So Beautiful
And of course our number one had to be ‘So Beautiful’. Although not indented to be a breakup song, this track has meant a lot for many fans over the years. ‘So Beautiful’ was written after a night out where Pete felt overwhelmed by people being pretentious and by guys that needed to stop acting obnoxious. Regardless of what it means or why it was written, the song is still our #1 and possibly yours too…

Don’t miss your chance to belt out a few of these numbers with the Australian music icon throughout summer 2019.

When & Where: Whalers Inn, Warrnambool – January 23 & The Wool Exchange, Geelong – January 24.

Written by Shae Louise