One to watch: Teknia

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One to watch: Teknia

We’re big fans of supporting local musicians and bands so it’s always exciting when a new name pops up. This issue we’d like to introduce you all to Teknia (which is actually an abbreviation for Total Extreme Killing Nothing In Absolute). The moniker of solo hearing impaired artist Tek Bluesome, Teknia is all about showing audiences a good time while performing songs about life, love, loss and anything that life can throw at us. We have a quick chat with Teknia.
You’re a regular on the busking circuit in the region. Where can we see you busking?
Usually down at Westfield or around the supermarkets around town sometimes at the markets around town or the Surfcoast.
Describe your album in 3 words?
Emotive, Ethereal, Relaxing
We know that you like to mix it up and you don’t play the same set twice. Why is this?
I actually copied the concept from a line Jimmie Vaughan said about his brother Stevie Ray Vaughan: “He never plays the same set twice, much less once”. Too often bands/acts play the same set and don’t tend to mix it up. A good set will comprise of variety light and shade, fast, slow, hard and soft songs. You want to engage with the audience and make them feel part of the show, not put them to sleep or annoy them to the point where they walk out.
Best part about performing music?
As a Christian (follower of Jesus Christ) I try to use my music to bring some form of joy to someone wherever I may be playing. With all the hustle and bustle of peoples every day lives, I see a lot of tension and angst in the public today so the best part of performing is having the God given gift to use music to calm people and help people forget about their troubles for a couple of mins. For me, it’s not about taking, but what I can give to the community.
Teknia has just released his album Bridge of Elements, showcasing a variety of genres that will please every musical taste.