One to read: Music Town

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One to read: Music Town

Music Town is a great little read put together by local music guru Simon Woolridge. Released towards the end of last year, those with an interest in Australian music will find this a nice addition to their collection.
Bendigo has a rich history of music, but the scene was almost dead 10 years ago. A resurgence has led to Bendigo once again attracting some bigger names, and with the likes of Groovin the Moo and Bendigo Blues and Roots Festival being very successful, Bendigo is proving once again its scene is alive and well.
The book features over 120 bands and artists across a range of genres; Bendigo and central Victorian artists and those who play regularly in the region, along with featured profiles of some local personalities, key venues, a map, and stories about local music festivals. The book runs to 200 pages and includes over 200 photographs.
As a born and bred Bendigonian, it was rather nostalgic to have the memory jolted with the various bands featured in this book. I went to school with the lads from Meester, played with the Cement Pig gents at the now defunct The Pub, worked with Steve from Darkcide, saw The Crusty Barnacles at some all ages gig, Ethanol, Cheese Excursion, Tyson Hodges; so many familiar names and faces.
Compact and easy to read, its core focus is on local bands past and present, but solo performers, local identities, occasional out of towners, venues and stories from days gone by all get some acreage. Simon is to be congratulated for getting this book released and may his support of Bendigo’s music scene continue.
Music Town can be ordered online at or if you’re in Bendigo, you can pick-up a copy at Bendigo Tourism, Muso’s Stuff or MusicMan Megastore.
Written by Glenn Lynch