One of Melbourne’s best escape rooms is bringing a whole new venue to Geelong 

One of Melbourne’s best escape rooms is bringing a whole new venue to Geelong 

Photo from The Mystery Rooms Melbourne

The Mystery Rooms is coming to Geelong in 2022.

There’s just something so bloody exciting (and maybe terrifying) about being locked in a small, usually creepy room, forced to solve your way out with puzzles and brainteasers. Whether you’re looking to impress on a first date or just looking for something fun to do with your pals or family, escape rooms really can do no wrong.

While the region has plenty of escape scenarios to sink your code-cracking teeth into, we’ve just got word that a brand new venue is coming to town, courtesy of the crew at Melbourne’s The Mystery Rooms.

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Renowned as one of Melbourne’s best and most immersive escape rooms, The Mystery Rooms is located in an old wool factory in trendy Fitzroy and four incredible rooms. Located just a few metres from vibrant Brunswick, The Mystery Rooms – Melbourne offers first-timers and experienced players the chance to awaken their senses and ignite those dormant brain cells.

Unlike traditional Escape Rooms, you are not locked in, but led into the beginning of a mystery that requires solving to delve deeper into the experience. Designed by local film set producers, writers and artists, The Mystery Rooms – Melbourne will provide you with a night you will never forget.

Experiences include The Lost Tomb (literally filled with seven tonnes of sand), The Medieval Quest (one of the single largest escape rooms in Melbourne), The Last Stand (complete with its own jail and shoot out game) with the fourth being a culmination of the previous three. You are only allowed to book the fourth room – The Grimm Finale – once you’ve completed the others which is just brilliant.

The games have been designed to take you on an imaginative journey – you might even forget you’re in Melbourne. And these one’s aren’t horror so they’re perfect for birthday groups from the age of 10 upwards, great for families, friends and an ideal solution for those looking for a fun and rewarding corporate team event.

With a brilliant atmosphere, creative puzzles, fun and enough difficulty to make it interesting and having just expanded to another venue in Collingwood, the crew have set their sights on Geelong and are currently in the midst of building a whole new venue in Grovedale – their first new escape room since The Grimm Finale was built in 2018.

“Some of you may already know that Tom’s been working on a new project to bring The Mystery Rooms to Geelong! We’re so excited to share this new space with you and thought it might be fun to also share ‘behind the scenes’ and the building of an escape room,” a social post from the venue read.

“So if you’re keen to follow and hopefully come down in the new year when we open doors, please follow us on Instagram @themysteryrooms_geelong. We’ll keep sharing here too so stay tuned for our first game in early 2022.”

While the locations and games are currently under wraps, the famed business has been posting progress shots of the space to Instagram to fuel our curiosity and get us excited about a new set of puzzles and clues to uncover in the region. By the sounds of things it looks like the first room could be a magic-inspired room ‘on Mystery Lane’.

With a solid reputation for making every effort to pay attention to all the little details in each room, you can bet these escape rooms will be next level. The venue are hoping to open end of January 2022.

Keep an eye on their socials for updates. In the meantime, check out their Melbourne escape rooms here