On the mind of Georgia State Line

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On the mind of Georgia State Line

Catholic school choirs by day and local pubs by night makes for an interesting contrast, but for Georgia Delves, she of Georgia State Line, it was all about the ultimate goal. Quitting her day job, she sped off in a van with bandmate Patrick Wilson and played show after show on Australia’s east coast. With the release of their debut EP Heaven Knows last year, the rapidly rising alt-country act are now set to play 2018 Out On The Weekend Festival, have dropped their latest single ‘Dry My Tears’ and are preparing for a run of tour dates across the country. We chat to Georgia ahead of the shows.
Hey thanks so much for chatting to Forte. You guys recently released your new single ‘Dry My Tears’, how are you feeling about its reception?
It’s been really nice to see a warm reception to the song; from the great people that come to our shows to community radio support. It’s the newest track we’ve released since our EP last July, so it’s a great feeling having something new and a little bit different to our first releases out there.
Your style has been said to blend vintage and contemporary sounds, to create songs that feel warmed and lived-in. Where do you draw your inspiration from?
I feel the influence of songwriters I’ve always loved (Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt) makes me want to create music in the first place and their catalogues are always there to reflect on and gather new ideas upon every listen. Alongside this, I draw a lot of inspiration from the music I listen to every day. I really like finding new and exciting singer songwriters out there making clever songs. At the moment I’ve been listening to a great songwriter I discovered when in the states called, Emily Nenni. I think both factors of past and present are always planted in my mind when writing… or at least I try to.
You’ve recently come back from Nashville, were you guys touring scoping potential tour venues or just getting away?
Mainly just went over to the states to attend Americanafest and get amongst all the great music that is always happening there. I’ll say it was a ‘research’ trip. Others might just call it a holiday.
Did you have a favourite place that you’ll definitely be going back to?
Well, the whole trip was pretty much spent in Nashville. So I’ll definitely be going back there! A real highlight of the trip was seeing singer songwriters like Erin Rae and Kelsey Waldon showcase with Americanafest. I started listening to their music shortly after I decided to start a band of my own, and it felt really surreal getting to see them perform on the other side of the world.
You’re about to kick off your ‘Dry My Tears’ tour, what’s going through your head?
Just feeling excited I think! We haven’t played as our usual full band line-up for a little while as we’ve all been busy travelling. So I’m just really excited to get to play alongside my stellar band- the people who help arrange and evolve ‘Dry My Tears’ to the song it is. I’m very lucky to get to play with great, kind-hearted, creative and positive people. It makes the music feel all the more complete.
Thanks for chatting! To finish up, what can we expect to see next from you guys? Is there an album to follow the single?
You can expect to see more new releases from us moving into 2019. Not quite sure at this stage if it’ll be an album, but I guess you might just have to wait and see!
When & Where: The Bridge, Castlemaine – October 14 (with Cookie Baker) and The Vine, Bendigo – November 2 (with William Alexander).