On Diamond have dropped their self-titled debut

On Diamond have dropped their self-titled debut

On Diamond has gracefully dropped their self-titled debut album, featuring eight new tracks. The angelic and diverse tunes matched with lead singer, Lisa Salvo’s euphonious voice makes this album back-to-back eargasms.

The first track, ‘The Ocean Floor’, got me hooked. The nature sounds in the background entwined perfectly with the rest of the song and evoked an aura of relaxation over me. It really sets the tone for the rest of the album – songs that tickle your mind and soul.

The five-person band which also includes Scott McConnachie on guitar, Hannah Cameron on guitar and vocals, Maria Moles as the drummer, and Jules Pascoe as the bassist, sees every song being unique and unravels a different message.

‘The Purple Palace’ is a more upbeat song that ponders on the notion of home, with Lisa reminiscing about the place she recorded many of her songs, only to realise The Purple Palace was a place within herself. ‘Poison Blood’ has a heavier intro, with rough electric guitar, but is juxtaposed with Lisa’s smooth voice to create a perfect blend.

What makes On Diamond so pleasurable to listen to besides their skilled melodies, is their freedom to express themselves. The songs flow to whatever feels natural, and the lyrics are so raw and unrefined.

The album really is a breath of fresh air, and if it is any indication of where the band is headed, I for one will be sure to stay tuned!

Check it out below

Reviewed by Naseem Radmehr